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All Applicants, please complete the form below and mail a $25 Application Fee to our office.

Wichita Montessori School • 8311 E. Douglas Ave. • Wichita KS 67207-1213

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** AFTER SUBMITTING, PLEASE ALSO MAIL A $25 APPLICATION FEE TO OUR OFFICE. Admission to Wichita Montessori School is open to any student without regard to race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Applicants seeking admission to Wichita Montessori School are evaluated and admitted based upon a personal interview with a faculty member of the appropriate class. Testing for admittance to Upper Elementary will be done at the discretion of the 4th or 5th year teachers.

Primary, kindergarten, and elementary programs are based on five days per week.

New students applying for kindergarten will be given an evaluation for readiness and will be strongly encouraged to attend at least three weeks of our summer program. Some fees may apply for kindergarten readiness testing.

If the child is unable to attend in the summer, the first month of kindergarten will be provisional, after which time the teacher and parents will confer as to the correct placement of the child.

Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in Wichita Montessori School!